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ice cream cart

Old Fashioned Ice Cream Cart

Imagine this cute ice cream cart being part of your next social event! Perhaps a birthday party, a graduation party or an employee appreciation day – whatever it is, this little cart can be there. It will fit through a standard doorway and can be placed outside or inside. No electric is needed although it is preferred (standard 120). The bright red and white stripe umbrella lets people know there is something really special under it! We have 3 different types of items that can be placed in the cart for your event. All items come prepackaged for ease and quickness of delivery. Our cost includes 90 minutes at your event but can be flexible if we are needed for a longer period of time.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Definitely our most popular cart event – imagine being able to make your own ice cream sundae – just the way YOU like it! Whether you want nine toppings or none, you can create your own cold and creamy masterpiece. We supply everything – prescooped 4-5 ounces of hand packed ice cream in your choices of flavors, up to 4 syrups and 7 dry toppings plus a healthy stash of whipped cream. We will also bring spoons and napkins. The only thing you need to bring is the guests and their appetites.

Additional Travel Fees may be applied. Contact us for more information.

Ice Cream Float Bar

Our ice cream floats are delicious especially since we make them with our retro glass bottled sodas. You can have up to 5 different flavors to choose from. You can stick with the classic root beer or get really crazy with a cotton candy float. The orange dreamsicle float is quite popular or try our birch beer, grape or cherry! We will bring a 24 ounce cup prefilled with soft serve ice cream and add the soda at your guests’ request. Long soda spoons, straws and napkins are also included. This is a unique dessert bar item and one that you won’t find anywhere else!

Additional Travel Fees may be applied. Contact us for more information.

Ice cream sandwiches

Our homemade ice cream sandwiches feature two delicious cookies packed with our yummy soft serve ice cream. We take care to individually wrap each sandwich. These are perfect for walking up and down a hallway and passing them out to your deserving staff. We recently had these for a teacher appreciation day and had school board members pass them out. What a great idea! Chocolate Chip is by far the favorite but we also have the option of doing a variety of other sandwiches.

Additional Travel Fees may be applied. Contact us for more information.